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Office Vibes – Shop the Look

The long await Design Program that was originally launched a few years back is HERE! And it's better than ever! As a homeowner, you don't have to do anything. Just sit back, admire and SHOP your curated designs that have been selectivetly put together from over 700...

#1 Kitchen Trend of 2020

Does anyone else love a solid trend? Not the fad-type trends but the ones that stick! Like when grey took over all of our homes or open-concept floorplans became all the rage; and we can't forget about that bellbottoms keep making their return [I know that last one...

What’s the Difference Between a Renovation and a Remodel?

Often these two terms are used intertangably but one refers to a simply update where the other is a more in depth project. Even when I started digging into the industry did I learn the difference.

By definition to Renovate a space means to: restore to good condition, make new or as if new again; repair. This would include material updates such as cabinets, flooring, repainting, etc. Whereas Remodelling is more invasive and detailed. By Definition to Remodel is to alter the structure of; to remake. This refers to moving walls, changing structural elements and creating a different foot print.

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