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Office Vibes – Shop the Look

The long await Design Program that was originally launched a few years back is HERE! And it’s better than ever!

As a homeowner, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back, admire and SHOP your curated designs that have been selectivetly put together from over 700 talent Interior Designers from the eDesign Tribe!

Last week I had an unexpected mishap with my phone right before #WineWednesday and I had no choice but to lay Purple Pete to rest [I name my electronics like people name their cars lol Also, my car’s name is Jay Jay]
Since I’ve had a few days without a phone to distract me, I got to dive into some fun designs! If anyone remember a couple of years ago, I launched a unique Design Program with my biz partner. It was exciting to launch something that we created from scratch and it ended up being a great test run that lead to bigger and better things!
Jenna has a growing community of over 3000 Online Interior Designers and we decided it would be more beneficial to have Designers create the digital boards and then you get to shop them!
Welp, She did it! She F$%KING did it! On Thursday night the revamped and renewed Design in 5 LAUNCHED into the Online Design world and it’s AMAZING!!!!!
Paired together with the eDesign Tribe rendering software, it makes everything interactive, shoppable and totally user friendly!

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I’d had been kicked out of my office space when my two boys decided they didn’t want to share a room anymore. It wasn’t a big deal at the time but now that I’m officially working from home, I needed a new Work Zone!

So I took over the kids play room and here is the design!


This kind of designing is so much fun and I can’t wait to put together more designs for my clients! Next up, two Bedrooms and a Kitchen Design!